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11 December 2007 @ 10:11 am
Ever think about being a BURLESQUE BOMBSHELL?? Here’s your chance!!!!  

Glitzkrieg Burlesque is looking for some new Bombshells

Word on the street is that Glitzkrieg Burlesque is looking for some new Bombshells!
Do you have sass in that ass? Do you shimmy in the shower? Do you rhinestone every pair of shoes you have but no where to wear them? Do you have a secret alter ego that is just dying to come out and play? Well break out the fringe, dust off those pasties... (or go to gothfox.com if you need pasties!) February 2, 2008 is your chance to "show us what you got" at a special audition SHOW!

Glitzkrieg is an established Seattle burlesque troupe that is made of unique personalities oozing with creativity that come together for special event shows hosted by the infamous Loretta Sin!
Details announced January 1st...
until then, you can find us at www.glitzkriegburlesque.com and send any questions or dirty secrets to us on myspace: http://wwww.myspace.com/glitzkriegburlesque.

Hope to hear from some of you lovelies out there!!!


Tiffany Shimmers

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